Tara’s Koa Ukulele


This is the first of three custom ukulele’s built for my adult children. They selected the materials and headshape of their personal uke. It was a fun project to build a custom instrument for someone special.

This ukulele body is curly koa for back, sides, and top. Tara selected curly maple binding, an abalone rosette, an ebony fretboard with small dots, and an ebony bridge with bone inlay. The headplate is a matching piece of koa from my first ukulele. The Waverly tuners have koa knobs. The finish is Royal-Lac shellac based finish.


Bracing pattern is the same as my first uke – traditional three fan braces. A change in bracing is the use of a 0.8mm carbon fiber bridge plate. The monopole response is much lower than my first uke @ 318 Hz.